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Staff Members & Trainers

Here at East Sac Fitness we pride ourselves in providing exactly what the client needs along with the WANT as opposed to the traditional approach of telling a client only what they need. Without the "WANT" on your part as a client, it is probable that you won't sustain a program that will carry on past your initial motivation for coming in. It's the harsh reality of fitness. There are those that always have made fitness a priority and always will no matter where, what they may encounter along the way. There are those that find every excuse in the book and quite as soon as they get started! It is our job as professionals to find where you fit on this spectrum and help provide the exact amount of motivation needed to keep you consistent! Our professional staff takes this business model seriously! Yes, our trainers may be independent here at this facility, but we all treat each other like a TEAM and this is key when it comes to helping our EAST SAC clients succeed! It is common place that our members range very little guidance to complete guidance the moment they walk in the door! Stay tuned as this updated page will soon link our entire staff and each individual email link to each of their contact information!